16kg Kettlebell (Reconditioned)

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Average Male Starter Kettlebell Size

(Reconditioned kettlebells have been repainted to look brand new,  They may have previously been display products or used in workshops and may have had some slight scuff marks and scratches, but no major chips and no cracks. They have now been recovered and look new.  They also may not be in the original packaging

We only have a limited amount of this product and once it is gone we are not ordering any more. )

Most new Male kettlebell users are not familiar with kettlebell techniques, particularly the fast tempo swing and snatch.  This 16kg size is ideal in most cases to provide enough resistance for impressive strength gains but also not be too intimidating at the start.

Because kettlebells are both a strength and fitness tool the 16kg is ideal to build strength for the beginner kettlebell trainer and then be used for higher rep strength endurance / circuit workouts when the trainer becomes fitter, stronger and a more advanced kettlebell lifter. Even intermediate users will use a 16kg kettlebell for moderate to high rep workouts.