Competition Kettlebells 12kg - 32kg

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"Kettlebell Sport" or "Girevoy Sport (GS)" Competition Kettlebells are made from steel and are used for exercise and to train for Kettlebell Sport competitions.  

The kettlebells are all the same size/dimension irrespective of mass/weight.  The handles are smooth bare metal which assists with gripping when lifting chalk is used.

Each kettlebell weight has a different colour and follows a standard seen internationally

12kg - Blue
16kg - Yellow
20kg - Grey
24kg - Green
32kg - Red

Please use the product drop-down above to select the appropriate size & quantity

Freight per kettlebell is only $10 anywhere in New Zealand.

Here is a video of a kettlebell legend Ivan Denisov doing double kettlebell jerks with 40kg kettlebells.