16kg & 24kg Kettlebell Set

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New & Improved E-Coating Kettlebells

These 16kg & 24kg kettlebell set is a  perfect set for a beginner/intermediate male kettlebell user.

An average Male will typically start with a 16kg kettlebell and aim to move towards using a 24kg. This is the ideal combo set to learn the techniques and build some volume with the 16kg and use the 24kg for some of the big exercises to help you prepare for using the 24kg for exercises like presses and snatches..

Buy the Kettlebell set set and save.  Postage only $20 total Nationwide

These Kettlebells are a new and improved e-coated version very similar to DragonDoor designed kettlebells.  The paint adheres to the surface better and it is more hard wearing.  Other kettlebells have a smooth putty type surface which looks very good but the surface can chip easier.  The e-coated surface also has a more natural texture, making it less slippery to hold when your grip becomes sweaty