48kg Kettlebell

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For "Beast" Tamers Only

The 48kg sized kettlebell, known as the "Beast" is a very serious kettlebell for serious advanced trainers.

Only after you have put in many hours and thousands of reps perfecting your technique and building a solid base of strength and fitness with the  24kg, 32kg and heavier kettlebells should the trainer even contemplate trying to tame the 48kg Beast

It is not only the weight of the Beast that makes using it difficult but the sheer size of the 48kg Beast means using this kettlebell is indeed impressive.  Strict pressing of the 48 kg is a great achievement that few can ever achieve.

But you can only ever be a true "Beast Tamer" when you can strict press the Beast, perform a strict Chin up with the Beast and do a 1 Legged Pistol Squat with the Beast ... Then you are a Beast Tamer