16kg, 24kg & 32kg Kettlebell Set

Men's Kettlebell Super Set

New & Improve E-Coated Kettlebells

This 16kg, 24kg & 32kg kettlebell super set is ideal for those home trainers that want a complete workout at home, whether you are training to be super fit, strip off some body fat or to build a strong toned body.  The 16kg kettlebell is ideal for beginner Male trainers or perhaps for high volume snatch or circuit work on the light day for more advanced trainers.

The 24kg kettlebell is the Russian infantry standard size and is a great all round kettlebell, heavy enough to build muscle and tone you up while not too heavy so that you can do some reasonable volume swing and snatch workouts.  A good goal is to build up and try and reach the RKC instructor standard of 100 overhead snatches in 5 minutes.  If you are reasonable new to kettlebells we recommend concentrating on perfecting your technique with the 16kg and use the 24kg for 2 arm swings to build some cardio power and core strength before using it for other exercises.  A good goal is to build up to  10 minutes of swings, 1 minute swinging & 1 minute resting.

The 32kg is a serious sized kettlebell  for most male trainers.  A good goal is to work towards doing strict overhead presses which each arm as well as overhead snatches, although initially swings, deadlifts and squats may be all that is possible.

These kettlebells are a new and improved e-coated version very similar to DragonDoor designed kettlebells.  The paint adheres to the surface better and it is more hard wearing.  Other kettlebells have a smooth putty type surface which looks very good but the surface can chip easier.  The e-coated surface also has a more natural texture, making it less slippery to hold when your grip becomes sweaty